Enjoy Expert Quilting Lessons
in the Comfort of Your Home

If you have always had a desire to take quilting lessons, but have never had the time, or there's no quilting shop close by, you would probably agree that having lessons right in your home would be a dream come true. The perfect lesson would bring an expert quilter into your home and make her available exactly when you have time to focus on learning. With Thimblelady’s digitized lessons, you can afford that luxury!

Why take Lessons?

Wandering through a quilt show can stir up grand ideas for a myriad of quilting projects, but without the knowledge to create those ideas, little is accomplished.

Many quilting techniques, such as appliqué and hand quilting, seem out of reach and complicated. However, Liuxin Newman has developed a number of revolutionary techniques that make complicated tasks easy and pain-free. Rather than keep her knowledge to herself, she is offering these amazing techniques in classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you choose online learning or purchase the applique learning package or the applique book and DVD, you can take the classes you want, when you want to, and at the pace that works best for you.

What You Can Learn

Have you ever longed to be able to create small, even quilting stitches or wished you appliqué intricate designs?

Whether you want to advance your machine sewing skills, or fine-tune some hand stitching, Thimblelady helps you learn to do just that and more with her various learning modules. At Thimblelady's Online Learning Centre you will find a host of topics, including:

  • Perfect Hand Quilting without Pain – the heart of Thimblelady technique is revealed, utilizing innovative tools and creative technique that makes finer, more beautiful stitches without the usual pain.
  • Hand Appliqué – learn to create circles smaller than a pin head or points sharper than 15 degrees with the Thimblelady's revolutionary appliqué techniques.
  • Quilting Basics – from cutting blocks to putting in the last stitches, learn it all from the Thimblelady.
  • Perfect Piecing – learn to create pieces that fit right the first time. Straight piecing exists in just about any shapes simple or complex.
  • Hand Piecing - if you are like me, too busy to sit by a sewing machine, learn to piece the Thimblelady Way, fast and perfect without pain.
  • Colours and Layers – begin to visualize different color combinations and learn to utilize layers to create beautiful, dimensional appeal.
  • Advanced Techniques – troubleshoot the problem spots in your quilting methods and utilize our advanced techniques to eliminate them.

Lesson Format

Because quilting should be something you enjoy, Thimblelady has created several lesson formats so that you can choose what best meets your needs. Whether you prefer picking up a book, popping in a DVD, or learning online, we have the format to get your quilting lessons started on the right track.

Better still, you can review your quilting lessons without additional cost.

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