Enjoy the Wonderful
World of Quilting

Quilting is a wonderful way of expressing your creativity!

It is also exceptionally inclusive. Anyone can learn and everyone can enjoy it, professionals and amateurs alike. It challenges both your artistic and technical as well as your physical ability. This means you can enjoy it at the start but you won't get bored with it simply because you can never be too good at it.

It is also a craft you can enjoy into a ripe old age.

peacock quilt


If you are overwhelmed by the great potential and vast choices modern quilting has to offer, this site is to highlight the best on offer from where you can branch out and find your own niche or even come up with your own innovation.

This is the best place for beginners. It starts at basic level. Complete and essential information and resources are aimed at helping you create a stunning quilt without a large investment. But it doesn’t stop at beginner level. The resources here are designed to best inform you with techniques and resources on quilting to the most advanced level.

How This Site Can Help You

Innovation is the consequence of a never-fading desire for improvement. The determination to make the impossible possible have been driving the innovation behind Thimblelady.

This site is about innovation: No blanket coverage of all tools and techniques on the planet like a spreadsheet, but SOLUTIONS to real problems and obstacles to help you enjoy what you love. The tools and supplies are presented to enable you to quilt better without pain for less.

This site is about information: A good teacher makes complex matters simple! Information on the simplest methods and the best techniques powered by the most efficient tools and supplies are here for you, to make informed decisions.

This site is FUN: Serious learning and informative teaching don't have to be sweaty, boring and arduous. Be creative and make stunning works of art right from the start. Improve your skills and enjoy showing off your best along the way.

Getting Started

Find a design you like and looks easy to you. Or choose a design for the lucky recipient of your next best work. Then get the tools and supplies for it. Pick up the needle skills needed while making it.

  • Feeling brave? Pick an easy pattern and have a go at it. Then turn around to learn when you're stuck with a problem.
  • Too busy? Sign up for a free Block of the Week or Block of the Month to keep you on your toes.
  • Experienced? Take up a master level challenge! Or step out of your comfort zone for something completely new!

Be the best you can be. Smart learning is the key.

If you ask me to summarize the purpose of this site into two sentences:

  • Sharpen your sewing skills with the best techniques and the most innovative tools to the best of our time.
  • Acquire an artistic eye that can turn your sewing skills into work of art and continue to advanced levels in the years ahead!
Liuxin IQA2006 Award

Be a master of the best tools and supplies, not a slave to them.

  • Learn Smart: Take advantage of online learning. Fit your study into your busy life with ease and at your own pace.
  • Learn efficiently: Aim at continuous learning for years to come.

Resources and Advice

If you are working alone, and need a gentle push, subscribe to Thimblelady new online magazine (monthly email) free for all - Smart Idea - with a project or a tip of the month! It is in typical Liuxin’s can't-wait-to-tell-you style.

Explore this site now for resources and assistance from easy basics right through to super advanced, right here. Right now!

Tell your friends and quilting groups about this site and the abundant support and resources, online and offline, to help spread the word and grow the website.

Need help quickly? Contact me through this website if you have questions, or visit Thimblelady.com.

All the best,

Liuxin Newman

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